Saturday, September 18, 2010

Handmade Fashion Jewelry

Adornment of body had been one of the earliest human traits. This is proven by the fact that perforated beads made from snail shells have been recovered dating back to more than 75000 years. This is common for both male and females but with the development of civilization love for body adornment in the form of jewelry manifested more prominently in ladies.
Jewelry made from precious metals and studded with gems are loved by every women .It is prized as a possession for its value or design and creativity i.e. art jewelry. Both these could even be combined to create optimum high value jewelry.
Jewelry takes many forms; it can be functional like brooches and buckles or symbolic like crucifix, Star of David, pendants depicting various Gods and Goddesses or wedding necklaces.
Women like jewelry better still if it is a personalized one. For a special woman in your life be it your mother, wife or sister personal touch would be truly touching and memorable.
There's no need to put a dint in your finances when it comes to buying handmade fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is not expected to last forever or be an investment, it’s simply fun, in part because you can change your look quickly and have more variety.
Paying less for your jewelry doesn’t mean you want poor quality it means getting value for your money and having jewelry you can afford.

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