Friday, April 29, 2011

Victorian Pendant Necklace

Victorian jewelry era officially starts in 1837 with the coronation of a very young Queen Victoria. It ends with her death at the age of 82, in 1901. This woman loved jewelry. She designed it, wore it, and gave it as gifts through the rise of British Global Empire, the inception of the industrial revolution, and the reaction to mass production that gave birth to the arts and crafts movement (1870-1914). Her passion and preferences fueled the talents of the jewelry trade of London her whole life. Some Victorian jewelry is hand made, reflecting a very high level of artisan skill. The common Victorian jewelry motifs had sentimental lockets enclosing a hair lock of the loved one and quite often serpents were seen as the eternity symbol.
Today Victorian jewelry is prized for its values in quality and excellence. It is often used in antique replica necklaces, and cameo costume jewelry.
At fashion jewelry for everyone has large collection of beautiful Victorian lady pendant necklace. Its silver casting pendant necklace and the pendant is adorned by sparkling cubic zircon. This Victorian lady pendant necklace is a perfect piece for anyone to wear for a formal or casual occasions!

Bracelet For Young Girls

Colorful, delicate jewelry is the young girl’s favorite. Young girls are cautious followers of the fashion trends. Teenage girls often prefer jewelry that is well-suited with their age. They are like vibrancy and funkiness jewelry. They would like to have a piece of jewelry that can be worn to suit several occasions.
And beautiful, colorful and trendy bracelets are young girl’s choices.
A bracelet is an article of jewelry which is worn around the wrist. Bracelets can be manufactured from leather, cloth, hemp, plastic or metal, and sometimes contain rocks, wood, and/or shells.
Types of bracelets

Sports bracelets,
Charm bracelet
Slap bracelets
Beaded bracelet

Fashionable Chic Bracelets are girls favorite. That’s the reason teenage girls like fashion jewelry or costume jewelry. . Fashion jewelry literary includes that kind of jewelry which is made of inexpensive materials rather than silver, gold or diamond. Normally fashion jewelry is available in low to mid-range, and it is easy to get good value for money, in the range of under $5 to $15.
A simple girl can get a celebrity look by sporting latest, in trend fashionable jewelry styles. Fashionable Bracelet is therefore available in varied colors and styles that instantly catch the attention of young girls.
These bracelets are perfect for High School Girls or for High School Graduation gift.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inexpensive Jewelry Sets In Under $5

Inexpensive or trendy jewelry is a fashion accessory for those who don't want to pay too much for their costume jewelry or want a wide selection of daily style. Fashion jewelry literary includes that kind of jewelry which is made of inexpensive materials rather than silver, gold or diamond. Normally fashion jewelry is available in low to mid range, and it is easy to get good value for money, in the range of under $5 jewelry sets. There's no need to put a dint in your finances when it comes to buying handmade fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is not expected to last forever or be an investment, it’s simply fun, in part because you can change your look quickly and have more variety. Fashion jewelry is the best way to spice up an outfit. A simple girl can get a celebrity look by sporting latest, in trend fashionable jewelry styles.
Fashion jewelry is something that every woman would love to wear.
Fashion jewelry usually made by beads, natural material, synthetic pearls, cubic zircon, etc. This kind of jewelry usually available in many lovely colors, and they are light in weight and comfortable to wear.
Paying less for your jewelry doesn’t mean you want poor quality it means getting value for your money and having jewelry you can afford.
Lots of online store has a range of Fashion Jewelry for every taste and budget. This fun Jewelry In Under $5 makes great birthday gifts or return gift for your friends.

Hip Hop Necklace

Hip hop jewelry has been in existence before the 1980s. It has its roots in the hip hop cultural movement which started with African-American and Hispanic inner-city kids in New York. Hip Hop Jewelry is new form of jewelry styling that is taking the nation and even the world by storm. With big, bold and courageous designs, hip hop jewelry adds a new element to jewelry making and utilizes all the skills of the most passionate jewelers.
Hip hop jewelry and accessories are usually oversize, made from precious metals such as diamond, gold and platinum. Gold chains are heavy and lengthy with larger than normal pendants.
The centerpiece of any hip hop jewelry is a pendant. This receives the most attention because it is usually set right at the center torso, the very center of your body. Hip hop pendants come in various styles and sizes, but they are usually made of the popular precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum.
As the global fashion trends change more and more people are wearing hip hop jewelry as a fashion statement. Fashion jewelry for everyone has huge hip hop jewelry selection.
Long Cross Pendant, Cubic Zircon Hip Hop Dagger Pendant, Cubic Zircon Gun & Skull Pendant, and Silver Crown Hip Hop Pendant are made with silver and decorated with cubic zircon stones. You’ll love selection of hip hop jewelry. This kind of jewelry has the ability to bright up your everyday.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cross Pendant Necklace

A crucifix is a usually three-dimensional cross with a representation of Jesus' body, referred to in English as the corpus as distinct from a cross with no body. It is a principal symbol for many groups of Christians, and one of the most common forms of the Crucifixion in the arts. It is especially important in the Catholic Church, but is also used in Orthodox and Eastern Catholic, as well as Anglican, and Lutheran churches, and it emphasizes Jesus' sacrifice — his death by crucifixion, which Christians believe brought about the redemption of mankind. Cross pendants are very popular and people are warring these pendants for fashion statement. Nowadays, there are males or females, rich or poor, tradition or modern thinking peoples wearing cross necklaces. It is trendy and hip to wear them. Even famous celebrities are in love with them. lots of online stores have different type of cross pendent necklaces like Murano Glass Cross Pendant, Crystals Cross Necklace, Cubic Zircon Cross Pendant,etc. People wearing sophisticated and uniquely designed necklace can attract a of attention and good compliments from peoples around. A cross necklace is a wonderful gift for someone who is religious or kind or trendy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swarovski Crystals Necklace & Brooch

Once you have chosen the crystals you would like to wear as jewelry – either because you believe in their potential powers or you simply like their natural beauty. Crystal jewelry is well-liked not only for its acclaimed mystical properties, but also for its versatility and amazing variety. One way to benefit from the properties of the crystals and stones is to wear them. From rich black shades to blood red hues to light purple, translucent white, or aqua green tints, there is a crystal for every color of the rainbow and interested crystal connoisseurs can easily find one to create a unique and luxurious piece of jewelry to suit both their mental and physical preferences. Crystal necklace sets are suitable and bring out the grace and femininity of women. Lots of online store like fashion jewelry for everyone has a range of this kind of jewelries for every taste and budget. Beautiful collections of Swarovski crystals handmade necklace sets are beautiful and awesome. These necklace sets are differs in color, light in weight and comfortable to wear. This inexpensive jewelry sets are perfect for bridesmaid gifts, prom party, bridesmaids and for other special occasions. Each crystal necklace set are a unique work of art, and fashionable with exceptional value. All these are very classic and perfect to wear at any occasion or a gift for loved one.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cat Eye Jewelry

The name Cat's eye is derived from the phenomena displayed by this stone known as chatoyancy, which in French literally means “cat's eye”. Cat's Eye has been treasured for many centuries, particularly in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), where it is believed to be a powerful protective stone, particularly against evil spirits. Chrysoberyl has long been considered a good luck charm in numerous cultures. Cat's Eyes are effective protective stones and talisman. They are believed to induce positive thoughts and help promote tolerance and harmony. Also because of its golden hue, it has often been associated with wealth. And Cat's eye glass beads are sometimes referred to as fiber-optic beads. Change hue as they capture and reflect light and have a band of light running through the center that resembles a cat's eye. Fashion jewelry for every one has large selection of under $5 fashionable and excellent cat eye beads necklaces covers a broad range of patterns. This unique collection of fashion necklaces designed to emphasize the elegance of a woman. With its fresh design and versatile coloring, this necklace makes an ideal accessory in any weather.

Color Theme Party Jewelry

When you are invited to a Color Theme Party first thing you decide dress. And second thing you decide jewelry. If party color theme is pink then silver jewelry or pearl jewelry would be pretty for you. Pearls Jewelry Pearl jewelry is always in fashion for party. Lots of online store has a different type of pearl (Swarovski pearls ,Simulated Pearls, Faux Pearls, Fake Pearls, Freshwater Pearl and Imitation pearls) jewelry set for every taste and budget. Pearl Jewelry offers elegance and sophistication, and is always in style. The pearl jewelry featured with its charming and mysterious elegance is attracting to a lot of ladies who seek for beauty and fashion. Pearl Jewelry offers timeless beauty & elegance! Silver jewelry Although Gold and other precious metals are also good, silver being light on the pocket, is definitely given good importance. Sterling silver can be used to make all kind of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, earnings, necklaces, or pendants. 92.5 Sterling silver jewelry is quite popular among most people. Its popularity can be the fact that sterling silver jewelry is as beautiful as any other precious metal and comes with an additional benefit of affordable price. More and more people choose sterling silver jewelry for its delicate filigree work, dainty design at affordable rates. As far back and as old at is it has not lost its popularity. Turn on the television and look at the most famous of movie stars winning all the movie roles. They are on stage with the most elegant of dress and still adorning silver jewelry. They look exquisite and the jewelry matches. As they have the beautiful necklaces and arm bands they have the shoes to match. Something tells me that silver jewelry will always be running side by side with its relative in the mines good old gold. While fashion trends come and go, silver fashionable jewelry remains always a classic addition to any wardrobe. Simply said, sterling silver never goes out of style. Sterling silver wears pretty well, with toughness and timeless fashion! Many prefer sterling silver for its firm, everlasting beauty, supreme charm and its price. And this would make a wonderful gift for anyone on your list. Lots of online store has a range of silver jewelry and pearl jewelry for every taste and budget. Twitter Updates

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