Monday, May 31, 2010

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Need a fabulous gift for that special girl? Whether it's your mother, wife, fiancée, daughter, girlfriend, niece, or for a bridesmaid gift, we've got something for her at a price you will love. You can't go wrong with our spectacular freshwater pearl jewelry. Pearl Jewelry offers elegance and sophistication, and is always in style. These versatile pearl beads can be strung and knotted alone, or combined with Swarovski crystal beads for looks that range from casual to formal.
The freshwater pearl, featured with its charming and mysterious elegance is attracting to a lot of ladies who seek for beauty and fashion. Pearl Jewelry offers timeless beauty & elegance!
We at have a huge collection of White Freshwater Pearl Bridal Jewelry. For example,(SKU: BRD843) “Three Stranded White Freshwater Pearls Clear Crystals Bridal Jewelry Necklaces” also include a pair of matching earrings that can add a touch of elegance to any look. Especially it is perfect for a beach themed wedding or any event!
A layered necklace set made of Freshwater Pearls with sophisticated quality is bound to provide undeniably chic. Our “Swarovski Khaki Crystals Freshwater Pearls Necklaces” includes with earrings are truly timeless and classic, offering an affordable option for pearl jewelry without sacrificing quality.
You’ll love our selection of handmade Freshwater Pearl Jewelry. Our freshwater pearl jewelry has the ability to bright up your everyday. We guarantee the lowest prices and best deal you can get online.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Jewelry under $5

Birthdays are always special. Be it your spouse or sister, mom or just a special friend - a birthday is a time of celebration, merriment and surely - some of the loveliest of gifts. Jewelry has been a favorite as special birthday gifts. A piece of jewelry is not only an adornment, but also an emblem of that unarticulated love that lies hidden inside the hearts. Birthday gift jewelry is always a gift of love to be treasured forever.

Selecting birthday gifts for loved ones is a challenging task, but it is most difficult when you have to please the little girl who is in her awesome teen years.
Most teen gals are crazy about funky jewelry and hence these make a much desired birthday gift for them. But you need to make sure that the jewelry you select for them is stylish and trendy.
We have a wide range of Costume Bracelets including Precious Bead Bracelet, Cuff Bracelet (SKU: UBR213), Bengal Bracelet, Stretchable Bracelet, Crystal Bracelets & Pearl Bracelet etc. We offers best prices on Costume Bracelets & all these are under five dollar and very fashionable....mix and match color variations for today wearing style and perfect birthday gift for teen girls.

Our fancy and elegant bracelets look very real on wrist and are made of different shaped bead stones like Glass Bead, Crystals, Pearls, and Colored Beads with Black Bead etc.
And all these are very classic and perfect to wear at any occasion or a gift for loved one.
Make your online shopping destination and you'll find extraordinary jewelry without the extraordinary prices

Monday, May 24, 2010


Searching for the perfect birthday gift for her? We feature lovely birthday gifts for women. We have what you are looking for. has a range of bracelets for every taste and budget, featuring every metal and gemstone. Our wide selection of bracelets will impress any jewelry collector.

Comparison shopping is the key to getting a good deal when you're buying jewelry, and we makes the process simple by dividing bracelets into convenient categories. You can search among just the Swarovski crystal’s bracelets, pearl bracelets or zircon bracelet.

If you want something different, you can find beaded bracelets with unique designs.
Add a brand-new affordable silver cuff bracelet to your jewelry box or choose a stretchable bracelet for a friend.

Cubic zircon, a man-made diamond substitute, is such a common choice these days that it could be called "a girl's second-best friend.” (
SKU: TB229) Elegant Glamour Cubic Zircon Bracelet lookalike Diamond.

Our Opal bracelets collections (SKU: TB945) are beautiful, attractive and valuable; an opal bracelet will be forever at attractive piece of jewelry. The opal stones are polished in such a manner that they do not often crack.

Every gift is lovingly handmade and individually hand wrapped, ready to give. You can rest assured she'll love it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Earrings For Women

People have been wearing earring for thousands years, and of course, most of them are women who have taken accessories like earrings and necklaces as their necessities to decorate themselves from the ancient times.
Considered as a fashion staple, earrings are not just decorative jewelry worn on the ear lobes. Earrings represent flair, style, and confidence. Earrings can be worn by both women and men though normally earrings are seen on the ears of women. Some cultures allow babies to wear earrings as soon as they are born.

Crystal beads feature beautiful colors and sparkle that really stands out in a pair of earrings. The earrings may be simple or ornate with multiple beads and patterns--a must-have for any women wardrobe. You'll find these unique glass and crystal earrings in online jewelry store.

Our low prices are as amazing as our earring selection. Our collection of Sterling Silver Drop Earrings, Crystals Earrings, Silver Butterfly Earrings - Ethnic Millefiori Bead Earrings, Turquoise Swarovski Earrings is full array of fashion jewelry and fine jewelry.

Whether you want to expand your crystal jewelry collection or just want unique earrings for the new fashion season, has the eye-catching colorful earrings you'll love.

Hair Accessories

I am sure every woman must have gone through a day, when she felt like chopping off all her hair, as it refused to stay in place and look the way she wanted it to. All of us have experienced a lot of frustrating 'bad hair days'. But today, with the availability of various women's hair accessories, a bad hair day is now a passé. We at our Hair accessories for women are available in a variety of colors, designs and embellishments, so you can rest assured that there would be a hair accessory to go with every occasion. Hair accessories have become a style statement and can be worn to compliment the occasion, as well as your attire.

Hair clips, also known as barrettes, are the most common women's hair accessory. They can be used to create any hairstyle idea and goes well with all kinds’ attires. Whether you simply want to gather all your hair, or you want to sport a French roll, a hair clip will hold up any hairdo. Hair clips, such as bobby pins, are very useful when creating hairstyles that need small strands of hair to be held in place. Barrettes of different designs can easily enhance any hairdo and are perfect hair accessories for occasions like weddings. Other types of hair clips include hair clamps, ponytail holders, comb clips, metal and plastic clip, etc.

Need to hold back your hair with a simple crystal hair accessory? Use our hand painted Flower Leaf Hair Barrettes fully decorated with Period Olivine and Clear Crystals. They give the ultimate sign no matter where it is in your hair.

Barrettes price (SKU: HA457)are in all ranges and all are made with crystal rhinestones and will look good for just a day doing nothing, going to prom, or showing off your hair at a wedding! Barrettes range from small to large.

Using our Bridal hair pin collection can help you brighten up your style! This stick pins are beautiful for weddings, formal event or just for fun. Just stick them in and go! They are available in all sizes ranging from small to large. All stick pins are made with crystal stones so they sparkle no matter where you are.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip hop jewelry has been in existence before the 1980s. It has its roots in the hip hop cultural movement which started with African-American and Hispanic inner-city kids in New York. Hip Hop Jewelry is new form of jewelry styling that is taking the nation and even the world by storm. With big, bold and courageous designs, hip hop jewelry adds a new element to jewelry making and utilizes all the skills of the most passionate jewelers.
Hip hop jewelry and accessories are usually oversize, made from precious metals such as diamond, gold and platinum. Gold chains are heavy and lengthy with larger than normal pendants.
As the global fashion trends change more and more people are wearing hip hop jewelry as a fashion statement. huge hip hop necklace selection offering the largest selection online of quality chains and pendants. All come with a 30"" chain and are guaranteed to have more shimmer an' shine than any other hip hop pendants on the market.
The centerpiece of any hip hop jewelry is a pendant. This receives the most attention because it is usually set right at the center torso, the very center of your body. Hip hop pendants come in various styles and sizes, but they are usually made of the popular precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum.

Our pendants are made from the molds of genuine fine jewelry and are crafted with care and precision. Long Cross Pendant, Cubic Zircon Hip Hop Dagger Pendant, Cubic Zircon Gun & Skull Pendant, Silver Crown Hip Hop Pendant these pendants to make a big and bold statement.
Most of our pendants are embedded with good quality of cubic zircon. . All pendants come with a free 24 inch or 30 inch matching chain. Feel free to browse our different sections to see a variety of pendants and all of the latest styles.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Girls Jewelry

Girls jewelry is a sentimental gift that can become a treasured keepsake and is perfect for any occasion including birthday, holiday, graduation, flower girl, or just because. Girls of all ages love jewelry.
Colorful, delicate girl jewelry is the girl’s favorite. If your little girl likes to shine, she will love our girl’s jewelry collection.
We at our beautiful jewelry pieces make wonderful thank you gifts for flower girls, celebration gifts for special events, and great birthday gifts for special girls. Fun to tuck in an Easter egg or the toe of a Christmas stocking, these fun jewelry pieces make great gifts all year.
Our exclusive collection of Multicolored Flat Beads Necklacese, Round Beads necklaces, Multicolored Small Big Beads Necklaces (SKU:GC143) just perfect for any girl.
The offers a variety of necklace and earring sets which can be used for any event. Choose from a variety of colors and styles. Twitter Updates

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