Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Silver Handcuff NECKLACE Openable Clasp Hand Cuff Thick Sexy Chain Necklace

Silver Handcuff NECKLACE Openable Clasp Hand Cuff Thick Sexy Chain Necklace

This funny Necklace features a Steal silver-tone handcuff Pendant, give real look of Handcuff, open and closes just like a real hand cuff. Good to match with your great outfits. We are sure this item would make a great lovly gift for you or your friends at any occasion. The chain is very sexy and good quality thick chained silver plated.

Material Used: Thick Chained Silver Plated Good quality chain with Handcuff Pendant
Necklace Length: 16 inches
Pendant: Korean quality and measured 1 inch long, 1 3/4 inches wide and 4mm thickness
Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction for Material & Workmanship used in making ths Jewelry

Jewelry Photo:
Silver Handcuff NECKLACE Openable Clasp Hand Cuff Thick Sexy Chain Necklace

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